Yoo Hoo! PolitiFact! How ‘Bout Rating Assertions by the Board of Governors On In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens?

It has come to my attention that the ProJo’s infamous PolitiFact is currently investigating one of RIILE‘s several objections to in-state tuition for illegal alien students.
So how about some sauce for the gander? In fact, a strong case could be made that all politi-fact checking on this matter should be directed to the RI Board of Governors for Higher Education as it is the governing authority proposing to implement this policy.
With regard to the cost of such an expansion, the RIBGHE has made two assertions:
1.) It would be break-even: it will cost no one anything.
2.) Okay, yes, there will be a cost but it will be entirely covered by out-of-state tuition receipts.
[Hint: both of these statements are erroneous.] And please don’t do to either RIILE or the RIBOGHI what you did to John Loughlin on global warming: change the statement to be evaluated and then demand that the subject furnish proof of something he did not say.

“I’m saying really the earth is warming, but it’s not conclusively caused by man. It’s not conclusive. I mean 94 percent of the carbon emissions which you so want to get rid of are caused by nature.” …
Ultimately, the Loughlin campaign did not provide any evidence that nature is responsible for the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

thereby positioning the Truth-O-Meter (… did somebody snicker?) to give a preferred rating.

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11 years ago

What would Jesus do ??
Would Jesus punish the kids ? ?

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