Ken McKay: “… this is a difficult decision”

As Andrew notes, Ken McKay has resigned as Chairman of the RIGOP. Will Ricci of the Ocean State Republican advises that Ken has accepted a [*cough*paying*cough*] position in Washington, DC which, naturally, precludes his continuation as Chair. Below is the e-mail by which Ken advised the RIGOP Executive Committee of his decision. As dictated by RIGOP by-laws, Acting Chair Steve Frias projects a special election to determine Ken’s successor around the third week of December.

Rhode Island Republicans, like Republicans nationwide, are upset with the way President Obama and his Democrat allies are ruining our economy. Truly, Rhode Island Republicans have a unique view on this because we live every day with the disasterous economic results from long term Democrat rule. Rhode Island is Obama’s national economic model.
I do not want to leave the RIGOP as Chair. It is an honor to serve and fight with all of you, but the battle of our time is happening in Washington right now and I have to go try and be a part of that. After serious, thoughtful deliberation and discussion with my family this is a difficult decision yet one I have to make. Accordingly, I am resigning from the position of Chair of our state Party.
I am truly sorry to those who disappointing may be disappointed with me. Again, this is not something I do lightly. Nevertheless, it is something I must do. I would like to thank you for your support and patience with me. Importantly, I want to mention one person in particular, our executive Director, Pat Sweeney. Pat’s dedication, energy and efforts are invaluable. His work with the Young Republicans energizes the Party and helped significantly with wins in recent special elections and fundraising. It is really upsetting to me that I may be letting him down. He believes we can make significant gains and that we are poised for growth and I agree with him. He is a true believer in our cause and I thank him personally for his support.
I’m going to do my part, do everything I can to stop and reverse the disastrous left-wing policies that the Obama Administration has imposed upon our country. Please also know that I will continue to volunteer my efforts, providing strategic and fundraising assistance to further the Republican Party here in Rhode Island. While I will no longer be your Chairman, I will continue to labor along side each of you as we do all we can to get Rhode Island in position to prosper.

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11 years ago

After reading the entire letter I believe I’ve developed ” WHOOPING COUGH” !!!!!!

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