Mitt Nails Illegal Immigration: “Our problem is not 11 million grandmothers” (And Other Gems)

From the Republican debate Thursday night. Mitt Romney speaking. [Thanks to Roy Beck at NumbersUSA for the transcription.]

I think I described following the law as it exists in this country, which is to say, I’m not going around and rounding people up and deporting them.
What I said was, people who come here legally get a work permit. People who do not come here legally do not get a work permit. Those who don’t get work will tend, over time, to self-deport.
I’m not going to go find grandmothers and take them out of their homes and deport them. Those are your words, not my words. And to use that rhetoric suggests to people that somehow, if you’re not willing to keep people here who violated the law, that you’re anti- immigrant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You know, our problem is not 11 million grandmothers. Our problem is — all right. (applause) Our problem is 11 million people getting jobs that many Americans, legal immigrants, would like to have. It’s school kids in schools that districts are having a hard time paying for. It’s people getting free health care because we are required under the law to provide that health care.
And the real concern is the people who want to come here legally. Let’s let legal immigrants come here. Let’s stop illegal immigration.

Yes yes yes to all of that! The question of illegal immigration is about respecting legal immigrants. It’s about requiring (silly concept, I’m sure) that employers hire only legal immigrants or citizens. It’s about the impact on state and local budgets.
How gratifying also that Romney targets and blows up the Big Lie of illegal immigration advocates.

… somehow, if you’re not willing to keep people here who violated the law, that you’re anti- immigrant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Great point! (Why didn’t I think of that???)
Stripped of lies, there is nothing left of the argument in favor of illegal immigration. Accordingly, let’s ask the correct question of the pertinent party, our elected officials: why are you encouraging illegal immigration and discouraging legal immigration? Because that is what you accomplish by refusing to enact e-verify, failing to properly qualify applicants for public programs and willfully ignoring the very reasonable laws on our books.
And to our elected officials on the state level, there’s no point in bleating that immigration is a federal matter. YOU HAVE MADE IT A STATE MATTER, with all of the substantive implications to state and local budgets and our unemployment rate, BY DELIBERATELY CREATING A MAGNET FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.
So. President Obama. Senate President Paiva-Weed. Governor Chafee. Why do you support illegal immigration and oppose legal immigration?

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Sammy in Arizona
Sammy in Arizona
9 years ago

Romney is working on achieving the political quantum super position wherein he can be on all sides of any political argument and/or…. none depending on whatever his chameleon sensors are telling him to go with at the moment.

Tommy Cranston
Tommy Cranston
9 years ago

The Republicans have proven to be almost as useless on this issue.
The only way it will be solved is with the complete economic collapse of America followed by a state of emergency government which will kick out all of the illegals (and this includes anchor babies) summarily and without “profiling” hand wringing.

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