Inst. for Int. Sport: No, There Is No Doctor In The House

Whelp, wherever the money went, we learn this evening that it didn’t go to doctors or medical care at the World Scholar-Athlete Games last summer (the ones held in Connecticut because URI had booted the I.I.S. owing to their tab).

… A spokeswoman for [I.I.S. Executive Director Daniel] Doyle, Beth Bailey, said Wednesday that a different doctor was on call for the world games — West Hartford psychiatrist Ken Robson. Robson was both a volunteer and the licensed physician available around the clock, she said.
Robson declined to be interviewed Wednesday but said in a statement read by an assistant, “I offered to be the doctor on call.” When asked if he actually served as the doctor on call, Robson’s assistant said the doctor had no further comment.

Dig, boys, dig.

Members of the State Police Financial Crimes and Computer Crimes Units executed a search warrant at the embattled Institute for International Sport Wednesday afternoon and were still removing records two hours later.

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11 years ago

The investigation in the form of letter requests for information at the state level started last fall. Hard to believe that Doyle would leave anything of consequence in the building after all this time.
Unfortunately neither the RISP nor the RI AG’s office have what it takes to investigate these financial crimes.

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