Leap Day Musings

Why are unemployment numbers always “revised” towards the negative? Could it be the current political climate induces a need for optimism such that it is reflected in somehow too-rosy estimations? I don’t know.
Today, Occupy Providence will be protesting in….Connecticut? Makes as much sense as anything else they do….
Former WPRO online journalist Bob Plain has taken over the helm of RI Future, making him the 4th owner of RIF since its inception. Good luck to Bob as he attempts to “monetize the site” and best of luck to Brian Hull as he moves on.
Polls, schmolls….I’ll believe incumbent Rep. David Cicilline can’t win CD-1 when he actually doesn’t win CD-1. Yes, he’s in trouble, but never underestimate the seemingly genetic pull that the “D” lever has on the minds/psyche/sense-of-self-worth of too many RI voters.
On the other hand–even though we’ve got a few years to go–if there isn’t another 4 person race for Governor in 2014, I don’t see how Governor Chafee isn’t a one-and-done. But maybe I’m being optimistic.
My former home state of Maine is in a bit of shock with the announcement that Senator Olympia Snowe has decided not to run for re-election. This relatively late announcement has the state in a scuffle–especially the Maine GOP–as there are only 2 weeks left before candidates can collect signatures and declare for the race. Snowe is a moderate Republican who says she has become frustrated with too much partisanship in the Senate and is throwing in the towel. On a personal note, then Representative Snowe nominated a certain kid from a small town in Maine to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy way back in 1986. While I certainly don’t agree with all of her politics, I’ll always be grateful for that.
Finally, like it or not, has there ever *really* been any doubt that it was going to be Mitt all along? The media has tried mightily to keep it a race (and a complicit GOP helped by scheduling 17000 freaking debates) and it seems like many conservative pundits have been so desperate for anyone-but-Mitt they’ve projected Reagan into one-after-another of Mitt’s also-flawed competitors. A proper cynic would observe that Mitt was, is and always has been the best of a bad lot.

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Sammy in Arizona
Sammy in Arizona
9 years ago

Unless Willard Romney is caught toe-tapping in a public restroom , or hiring a rent-boy to “carry his luggage” he’s got the GOP nomination locked.
He and his buddies, BOA and Goldman Sacks .. (they’ are people with feelings, too, you know) can explain to us, why he is still making millions a year from shipping jobs to China. And why we should vote for a guy who’s religion is weirder than Islam, and Scientology

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