“Take Action”: E-Verify (Both Public & Private Sector) To Be Heard Today in House Labor

… as Andrew noted on his list, though you wouldn’t know it from the General Assembly’s Bill Status page (which still has both 7315 and 7927 “scheduled for hearing and/or consideration” on March 19).
If you very reasonably object to a major enticement – employment – to illegal immigration; if you would prefer private and public sector jobs go to legal immigrants and citizens; if you’d like the burden on state and local budgets lessened, the indefatigueable folks at RIILE are asking that you attend the hearing this afternoon, set for the Rise of the House (around 4:30 pm) in Room 135. If you cannot attend, they have pointed us to the handy-dandy “Take Action” form on RISC’s website so that you can contact your elected officials.

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