Loughlin Resigns from Hinckley Campaign

John E. Mulligan of the Projo is reporting that John Loughlin has resigned as the campaign spokesman for GOP Senate Candidate Barry Hinckley…

John J. Loughlin II has resigned as spokesman for Republican Barry Hinckley’s Senate campaign, after taking responsibility for an erroneous charge leveled against a tax proposal by Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.
The “erroneous charge” refers to a press release put out by the Hinckley campaign which claimed that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s so-called “Buffett Rule” bill would cause property taxes to rise due to an impact on municipal bond investment, despite the fact that “the Whitehouse legislation would not affect the tax treatment of municipal bonds” (also reported on by Mulligan).
Lesson #1 from this: Rhode Islanders, even well-meaning ones, need to get over their obsession that all taxation issues can be reduced to how they impact the property tax, and that the property tax is a bad tax while other taxes are good taxes.
Lesson #2 from this: The country needs to get over its obsession that “how will this impact bondholders” is the primary question for evaluating any public policy change.

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9 years ago

“Loughlin Resigns from Hinckley Campaign”
I agree with Depetro and Cianci: this was unnecessary.

9 years ago

Humpty Dumpty didn’t fall – he was pushed! Its very clear to me the Hinkley likes to have “kids” work for him that he can boss around – like the big CEO. Loughlin had been through the war literally and figuratively and probably would take any bull from him. Sweeney fits the mold – 30 yrs old, never had a real job – no experience – Hinkley can push him around all day long and feel like a big man on campus.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
9 years ago

What a stupid move by ajunior varsity candidate!Loughlin brought experience,maturity,and intelligence to the campaign,which,let’s face it has an UPHILL battle.
Too bad we’re guaranteed 6 more years of arrogant,useless “representation”in the Senate.

9 years ago

Can anyone recall there being a more listless senate campaign than Hinckley’s? This is becoming sad.

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