The Current Week 04/01/12 – 04/07/12


Rep. Trillo: Casino Research Should Seek Equal Revenue, Include Allens Ave.Investigative report
Rep. Joseph Trillo supports a casino ballot question, but he has submitted legislation for a broader study of ways to increase RI's gambling revenue, possibly including a casino on Allens Ave. in Providence.
04/02/12 – Central Coventry Fire District Annual MeetingLiveblog
Justin writes live from a contentious Central Coventry Fire District annual meeting in Coventry.

AG's Gambling Bill Leaves State Lottery to Self-PoliceAnalysis
A bill originating in the attorney general's office transfers all authority over casino gambling in RI to the Division of Lotteries and omits "conflict of interest" rules for its employees.
Video for 04/02/12 Central Coventry Fire District MeetingLiveblog
"On the go" video from the Central Coventry Fire District special meeting on 04/02/12.

04/04/12 – Senate Committee on Special LegislationLiveblog
Justin writes live from the Senate Committee on Special Legislation, with particular interest in casino-related legislation submitted on behalf of the attorney general.

04/05/12 – House Committee on Environment and Natural ResourcesLiveblog
Justin writes live from the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources hearing, including (for one thing) creation of a new public consortium with powers of eminent domain.

Bill Centralizes School Budgeting a Piece at a TimeAnalysis
Governor Chafee's legislative package for municipal relief includes a bill, S2823, that would expand and deepen the Dept. of Education's authority over school budgets, including general oversight of municipal budgets, as well.

Justin's Case

The Weekend Distraction of Hunger GamesOpinion
While determining whether to let his daughter read it, Justin found himself with an opinion about The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

Education Formula for Results, Not Just FundingOpinion
Observing some points in the national education debate, Justin suggests a shift in how we align funding with measures of success.
The Supply Chain Is Not ImmortalAnalysis
From digital cameras to cancer treatments, the supply chain is not immune to disruption, and the drive to build the perfect system cannot rely on an assumption that the status quo will hold.

Government Legal Action Isn't About the Money (But Isn't the Money Grand?)Opinion
Justin expresses concerns that a windfall forfeiture from Google to government agencies is further evidence of dangerous incentives for an entity that has the authority to tax, regulate, imprison, and kill.
Paiva Weed on Senators' Misconduct; the Rhode Island Way; and National Popular VoteOpinion
Justin reacts to Sen. President Paiva Weed's latest Ruggerio statement with an explanation of the end-all-be-all of political consequences, which don't exist in Rhode Island.

The General Fund Revenue Surplus Continues to DisappearAnalysis
Updated "budget to actual" numbers show that the extra state revenue once heralded as a sign of economic recovery continues to fade.
Caps on College Loan Interest Shift Pressure Away from the ProblemOpinion
Democrats in Congress are looking to slow the expanding cost of financing college while people are beginning to notice the questionable priorities of the institutions that ultimately collect their money.  Justin suggests that it would be better to rethink the entire system.
Unabridged Video of Sen. Pres. Paiva Weed's Short Presser; DUI Victim & Candidate Keith Anderson Goes Beyond "No Comment"Liveblog
Sen. President Teresa Paiva Weed and Sen. Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio have issued releases insisting that we move on from the latter's DUI and its aftermath. GA candidate Keith Anderson, victim of a drunk driver's poor judgment, expresses disappointment.

Gambling as a Regressive TaxOpinion
Justin wonders why the concern of left-wing commentator Robert Reich that state-run gambling is a regressive tax receives no voice in Rhode Island.

Two Views of Government on the Projo Opinion PageOpinion
Justin points out the interesting contrast of two opinion pieces in Tuesday's Projo, one an unsigned editorial and the other a column by Ed Achorn.
Only the First Lawsuit Is Necessary to Erase Culture, ApparentlyOpinion
Three incidents of public-school censorship lead Justin to conclude that "offense" is trumping a heritage that fostered social health and progress.

The Conservative Message of Hunger Games?Opinion
Colleen Conley finds a metaphor for D.C. in the Hunger Games; Justin hopes it indicates a shift in political understanding.

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