The Ocean State Tea Party In Action Blog (Better Prepared for the Unexpected than Other Bill-Watching Bloggers You May be Aware Of)

The RI General Assembly website was down this weekend, so I wasn’t able to do my weekly review of the legislation coming up in committees. (There was a similar occurrence, at least one time last year).
However, as fate would have it, this is also the week that the Ocean State Tea Party in Action’s (OSTPA) blog went live. The OSTPA blog includes daily legislative alerts on the bills scheduled for hearings that OSTPA is tracking. (I’ve been consulting with OSTPA on the setting up and maintaining of the blog portion of their website, and will be a contributor to their blog; more to come on that later in the week). Since a major part of OSTPA’s activity is staying current with GA activity, so as to be prepared to offer RI legislators different perspectives on bills before them than they might otherwise hear, OSTPA wasn’t caught as flat-footed as I was by the unexpected technical difficulties.
Tuesday looks to be a very busy day in committee, the large number of bills on OSTPA’s watch list that are being heard can be viewed here. Also, OSTPA’s complete legislative alert for this week (including some interesting observations about what happened on Smith Hill last week) can be viewed here, at their main website.
I will provide my rundown of bills (which will continue to be a separate effort from OSTPA’s fine work, in case anyone was wondering) after the GA website returns.

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