Waiting on Senator Crowley

Some of you might remember a few months ago when Senator Elizabeth Crowley of Central Falls wrote a letter to the editor in the Providence Journal excoriating the city’s receiver Robert Flanders. Flanders had recently appeared at the newspaper’s annual Follies show dressed in an executioner’s outfit and touted himself “Lord of the Pink Slip.”
Crowley didn’t find this too amusing, she didn’t see the humor in it. Neither did Bob Plain, as he also wrote about it in his forum. So I guess gallows humor doesn’t work for them and they even appear to be somewhat offended by someone making light of a bad situation.
So can we expect them to have at least something similar to say about President Obama and one of his jokes from this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

“Look at this party. We’ve got men in tuxes, women in gowns, fine wine, first-class entertainment. I was just relieved to learn this was not a GSA conference.”

In case you missed it, there has been some concern lately after the General Services Administration (GSA) spent $823,000 of taxpayer money for a 300 person conference in Las Vegas.
Now I’m not going to feign any anger or say that I didn’t find some of the President’s jokes funny. I’m not that much of a partisan. My point is whether Crowley and Plain will be consistent in their indignation and write similarly about the president?
As another local who shares the Senator’s surname would say, the silence is deafening.

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Max D
Max D
10 years ago

He cracked a joke about the Secret Service too but I didn’t hear any jokes about the ATF selling guns to Mexican drug cartels that were used to kill a Border Patrol Agent. Hmmm…first it was the ATF, then the GSA, and now the Secret Service. Are we experiencing a leadership void?
For the record, Flanders is a classless idiot.

10 years ago

” I didn’t hear any jokes about the ATF selling guns to Mexican drug cartels that were used to kill a Border Patrol Agent”
Jimmy Kimmel did. He mentioned that if Democrats don’t have any guns, they can get them from Eric Holder.

Max D
Max D
10 years ago

I guess that didn’t make the six o’clock news. I wonder why?

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