Speaking of John C, When Will That $75,000 Get Paid Back?

So as you probably heard, Congressman David Cicilline’s brother, John, made the news yesterday.
Which reminds me. When is either John Cicilline or David Cicilline going to pay Providence back that $75,000 – or is it $150,000 (two checks @ $75,000)? Is there any question that this highly questionable maneuver would never have taken place if the person tendering the checks had not been the brother of the mayor?
Rumors have been circulating that a post in President Obama’s administration for Congressman Cicilline might be arranged if polling of the First District race does not improve sufficiently for the incumbent. Looking down that road for a moment, is there any question that this matter would not come up in a vetting process or during Senate confirmation proceedings? (“Congressman, are we to understand that, during your tenure as mayor of the city, your brother stiffed Providence for $75,000 or $150,000?”)
Of course, President Obama could avoid Senate scrutiny and go the czar route for bringing the congressman on board. For example, in the highly unlikely event that, in the midst of campaign season, President Obama wanted to hide just how bad the federal deficit is, Congressman Cicilline is eminently qualified to become the Czar of Freezing Out Federal Auditors And Covering Up The Egregious Budget Situation Until We’re Safely Past Election Day. (“Sure, Mr. Axelrod, here’s how we did it when I was mayor …”)

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
10 years ago

Never-and no one will do one damn thing about it.

10 years ago

Based on my reading, John didn’t ‘stiff’ the city at all. What happened was shady, but the check was NEVER MEANT TO BE CASHED. It was only supposed to be a dummy placeholder until his client could get financing. Getting that financing took much longer than it should have and the city got itchy to cash the placeholder instead of going after the guy who actually owed the taxes.
I’m not saying that this is aboveboard… But I read it as ‘The mayor’s brother tried to help a friend out by writing a check on his behalf, that was never intended to be cashed. Then he got screwed by his client.”

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