The Current Week 06/04/12 – 06/08/12


06/05/12 – House Floor & Committee on Environment and Natural ResourcesLiveblog
Justin whiles away the evening writing from the State House floor (campaign finance) and House Environment and Natural Resources Committee hearing (EBEC).

06/07/12 – House Floor: BudgetLiveblog
Justin sets up camp to write live from the RI House’s discussion of the budget.

Justin's Case

Trading Budgetary Restraint for Economic RecoveryOpinion
Projections of a sales-tax phase-out in Rhode Island show a stark decision for the people of the state, with a little government restraint yielding accelerated economic recovery.

The State GDP Growth Race and Some Taxing MilestonesAnalysis
Trends in GDP growth for Rhode Island and three other New England states suggest that its general policy approaches during the last decade might be worth reconsidering.
Poll: Teachers' Union Opinion DownslideAnalysis
NEA Executive Director Robert Walsh may disagree with findings of deteriorating opinions of teachers' unions, but technology and events of recent years suggest reevaluation may be in order.

The Titles of Offices or Offices of Titles?Opinion
Justin muses about the inappropriateness of honorifics in American politics… especially in Rhode Island.

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