The Current Week 06/11/12 – 06/15/12


06/11/12 – Senate Floor and CommitteesLiveblog
Justin tries to keep an eye out, live, during what may be the second-to-last night of the legislative session. EBEC, casino, budget, campaign finance, and felony dog leashing rules.

06/12/12 – The Whole Mad Jumble of the Last DayLiveblog
Justin writes live from the final day of the legislative session.

Justin's Case

Netroots & Rhode Island More Alike than Patinkin AdmitsOpinion
In Justin's view, the similarities between Netroots and Rhode Island extend to similar internal contradictions.

Nationally Recognized Investigative Reporter Joins the Ocean State CurrentInterviews & profiles
Kevin Mooney has appeared on Breitbart and Glenn Beck.

Still over-tired from the General Assembly's final night in session, Justin draws some lessons from the experience.

K-12 Enrollment Versus Expenditures in RI and WoonsocketAnalysis
Although enrollment is down in almost every Rhode Island city and town, expenditures have continued to grow at several times the rate of inflation.

General Assembly Budget Gradually Undoes State Workforce CutsAnalysis
Under the radar, the state government of Rhode Island has gradually been reversing the workforce reduction achieved during Governor Carcieri's second term.
MA Comparison Overwhelms One-Month Improvement in RIAnalysis
RI's employment slide stopped in May, but comparison with MA shows just how much ground it has to recover.

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10 years ago

With regard to your analysis on education spending and enrollment, especially with regard to Woonsocket, you just don’t get it.
Woonsocket has a revenue problem, not a spending problem. Didn’t you get the memo from the Mayor and Council President?
It’s the state-aid cuts (revenue) that are the problem. And if they can not restore state-aid, then they must hit the taxpayers with gigantic tax increases, because after all, its a revenue problem, not a spending problem, and you fix revenue problems by raising more revenue, not be bring your spending under control. Get with the program.
So please, keep your focus here …its a revenue problem! Don’t confuse us with analysis and facts. Stick with the script! Now all together now …its a revenue problem!

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