Anchor Rising Readers Poll: Favorite Local Media Investigative Team

The fourth question in our Readers Poll deals with favorite Local Media Investigative Team. Caveats: 1) had to have statewide coverage; 2) couldn’t be from an overtly partisan outlet or advocacy group (that eliminates us at AR as well as folks like RI Future’s Bob Plain or that guy Justin Katz over at The Current). Here are the choices* (listed alphabetically):

What is your favorite Local Media Investigative Team? free polls 

*Note: I didn’t include talk show hosts even though they often investigate plenty of stories, too. Names in ( ) are primary personalities associated w/investigative journalism (except w/ProJo – too many to name!).
Here is the schedule of polls:
Tuesday, June 19th (today) – Favorite Radio Political Talk Show
Wednesday, June 20th – Favorite Political Roundtable Show
Thursday, June 21st – Favorite Local Electronic Media News Team
Friday, June 22nd – Favorite Local Media Investigative Team
Saturday, June 23rd – Favorite Radio News and Info Talk Show
All polls will be closed by next Tuesday, June 26th (yes, that means unequal polling time length, but live with it!).

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