That is the headline you might be reading in your local paper this coming Thursday! Unless YOU do something about it!
The R.I. GOP Candidate Recruitment Committee has come up with strong candidates in about half of the 113 Legislative Districts (38 Senate & 75 House). They have vetted these people. And have provided practical training for them, on effective campaigning.
But we are still missing candidates in about half of the Districts in the state.
Candidates file to run, at their local City or Town Hall, on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (until 4:00 P.M.), June 25 to 27. After that, if no Republican has filed to run, it is too late, and the Democrat wins by default.
A rogue’s gallery of incumbent Democrats still do not have opponents. These include an accused rapist; an alleged embezzler; a leader with multiple arrests; union employees with major conflicts of interest; the Speaker of the House; and a lot of people who have not done anything illegal (at least, that we know of), but who just vote the wrong way, almost all of the time.
If you are in one of these Democrat incumbent’s Districts, do you want to make sure he or she is not re-elected unopposed? WOULD YOU CONSIDER RUNNING YOURSELF? If so, reply to me via e-mail right away. We will check to see which District you are in, and whether we still need a candidate in that District. (Because of reapportionment this year, you might not be in the District you think you are in.) For obvious reasons, we are not looking to recruit additional Republicans, where we already have a candidate, and cause a Primary. But we have to check to find out if we need you.
This E-Mail went out to all 9,000 people on our statewide E-Mail list. So we apologize if you are in an area where we already have candidates for both State Rep. & State Senate. (This would be mostly in South County). Most other parts of the state need one or the other.
So it is up to you now. Will you do something to ensure that no incumbent ultra-liberal Democrat gets re-elected unopposed?
David Talan is a member of the RIGOP Candidate Recruitment Committee. His e-mail address is davetalan@aol.com.

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