Anchor Rising Readers Poll: Favorite Local Radio News-Info/Business/Lifestyle/Advice Talk Show?

The fifth and final “question” in our Readers Poll deals with favorite Local Radio News/Info/Advice/Lifestyle type talk shows. As I looked for “candidates”, I discovered that there was such a broad array of shows that I broke them up into a few categories. Here are the groups with choices (listed alphabetically).
First up is News/Info these are primarily news or current events news shows that also do interviews.

What is your favorite Local Radio News/Info Show? free polls 

Next are the Business/Investing shows

What is your favorite local Business Talk Show? free polls 

Next is the Lifestyle/Entertainment category:

What is your favorite Lifestyle/Entertainment Radio Show? free polls 

What is your favorite Advice show:

What is your favorite Advice Show? free polls 

Here is the schedule of polls:
Tuesday, June 19th (today) – Favorite Radio Political Talk Show
Wednesday, June 20th – Favorite Political Roundtable Show
Thursday, June 21st – Favorite Local Electronic Media News Team
Friday, June 22nd – Favorite Local Media Investigative Team
Saturday, June 23rd – Favorite Radio News/Info/Lifestyle/Advice Talk Show
All polls will be closed by next Tuesday, June 26th (yes, that means unequal polling time length, but live with it!).

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9 years ago

Why aren’t there any WRNI programs listed?
Morning Edition is an actual morning news broadcast that focuses on news, not gossip.
Marketplace is great for business news / economics.
And on weekends, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me stands in its own category.

9 years ago

Shows must be LOCAL. If WRNI offered more local shows, (ie; Donnis’ Political Roundtable), they’d be included.

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