Generations Adrift Without the Habits of Working

One hears anecdotes, from time to time, about young adults who simply do not understand the habits associated with holding a job. Punctuality, an understanding that sometimes tedious or undesirable activities are necessary, and an appreciation of the relationship between consumer and vendor are all examples. Giving young adults the opportunity to learn such principles first-hand is almost as critical as giving them experience with the occupational value of money.
A new paper that I’ve penned for the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity takes a look at teenage unemployment, with a particular eye on the minimum wage. The upshot is a collapse of employment among the young, especially in locations, like Rhode Island, that can least afford to lose the enterprising inclination in a generation of its residents.
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10 years ago

Fear not. Hussein has a “plan” for the young. Keep them on mommy and daddy’s healthcare until 26. They then can apply for “disability” for tattered nerves due to playing Nintendo for 6 straight hours without a break. Texting syndrome is also covered under HusseinCare. That’s the urge to do nothing but spew mindless drivel about yourself while pondering your navel…paid for by the taxpayer of course!

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