Can You Oppose Something Without Opposing It?

“David (Cicilline) strongly opposes the Citizens United decision and has cosponsored the House version of the DISCLOSE Act,”

But yet when the Doherty camp calls on him to return all PAC money, after Cicilline chided Doherty for taking PAC money, Cicilline refuses.
Ted Nesi wrote the article yesterday about the latest skirmish in the First Congressional District race. Cicilline was upset with Doherty for accepting a $10,000 PAC donation but when Doherty offered to return it, in exchange for Cicilline returning all his PAC money, Cicilline refused.
How can you be opposed to the Citizens’ United decision but still be willing to accept the money that the it allowed? Or more specifically, how can you attack your opponent for accepting the exact same kinds of campaign donations that you yourself are accepting? This sure reeks of hypocrisy and a double-standard and sounds like yet another example of Cicilline telling us one thing and doing another.
In the Nesi article, Cicilline spokeswoman Nicole Kayner offered:

“Brendan Doherty is benefiting from Citizens United”

Ok, but if Cicilline is going to accept and keep PAC money, isn’t he benefiting as well? Maybe she has a point if Doherty is accepting so much more PAC money that Cicilline just can’t keep up. That’d clearly be an advantage for Doherty, right?

Federal Election Commission records show Cicilline has collected $388,256 from PACs and other non-party groups, four times more than Doherty, who has gotten $92,000.

Hmm, so that’s not it either. Cicilline comes out ahead there too.
So what’s the issue then? Trying to grab the slightest sound bite in the media and get something to stick. Trying to fool voters with something equivalent to, “Doherty takes shady PAC money! Hey, look over here, a bright shiny object!” Really? How about instead, the campaigns focus on the issues. Let’s instead hear what Anthony Gemma plans to do to create those 10,000 jobs for Rhode Islanders. Let’s hear how Doherty will work with others in Washington, as a part of the House majority to best serve Rhode Islanders. And while we’re at it, let’s hear from Congressman Cicilline about all the great things he’s done for Rhode Islanders over the last two years. Maybe things like “co-sponsorship of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Act.”
Thanks Congressman!

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Michael Napolitano
Michael Napolitano
10 years ago

David Cicilline is a hypocrite it is that simple. He is a strong advocate for do as I say not as I do.

10 years ago

“Can You Oppose Something Without Opposing It?”
No, you can’t.
I’m honestly baffled. Is this really the state of affairs?
– Cicilline opposes “shady” money but accepts it himself?
– Cicilline attacks Doherty for taking PAC money but accepts it himself?

Max D
Max D
10 years ago

“You’ll return yours if I return mine? Uhh…wait…uhh. Well umm…let’s not get silly now. Let’s be rational here.”
Lying moron.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
10 years ago

Cicilline is a dirty lying hypocrite and general POS.And will be until he takes a dirt nap.

10 years ago

To be a “progressive” politician, all you need to do is talk a good game, vilify the rich, etc., even if you’re one of them. Sheldon Whitehouse and David Cicillini have proven that you can lie all you want, life an affluent lifestyle, or engage in the most shameless, hypocritical behavior imaginable and all the progressives will still line up behind you like lemmings.

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