Cicilline Moves Up On Gemma

In the first release of the WPRI primary poll results, David Cicilline has opened a wider gap on Anthony Gemma. Where Cicilline previously let by just four points, he’s now up by twelve. It’s also interesting to see that Chris Young garnered 4% of the preferences.
Before you go shaking your head and wondering why Cicilline is actually able to increase his lead in spite of the recent voter fraud allegations by Gemma, this poll was conducted last Sunday through Wednesday (August 15-18). Gemma made his “next Wednesday” announcement on August 19.
What that means is one part, the voters’ recognition of Anthony Gemma is likely to be much higher now than during the poll. In this poll, 47.7% of those surveyed gave a “don’t know” about Gemma’s favorability.
As for Cicilline’s own favorability, 52.3% find Cicilline to be either fair or poor while only (or maybe “a whopping”!) 40.4% feel Cicilline is either excellent or good. Hey, another way for Gemma to spin this is only 17.5% gave him a fair or poor rating.
Some interesting questions remain for the 11 pm news. Whether those polled would back Doherty if each were to win the primary, and who the Democrats feel will win the seat in November.

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10 years ago

“or maybe “a whopping”!”
Must we use such rayzist terms???

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