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[8:59] Check that; Ted Nesi tweets: “Cicilline, Doherty separated by just over 100 votes with nearly half of precincts in”.
[8:55] 29% of precincts in District 1, Cicilline ahead of Doherty 47.8-45.9, from BoE result.
[8:48] Justin Katz, via Twitter, proposes a new state motto.
[8:46] Bill Haberman on WPRO just reported that all 7 RI statewide ballot questions look like they will pass.
[8:39] Numbers have just appeared on the BoE website.
[8:35] Ray Sullivan is tweeting that Lisa Tomasso has defeated Keith Anderson in RI House dist. 29. BoE website is still all zeroes on everything.
[8:30] Obama back ahead of Romney in Florida 51-48, according to NBC with “55% in“.
[8:24] Cranston Patch says Frank Lombardi has beat Sean Gately. Also a report that Beth Moura has lost her Senate seat in Cumberland.
[8:23] Multiple reports from my Twitter feed of Jon Brien’s write-in campaign in Woonsocket falling short.
[8:19] AP has also called Rhode Island for Sheldon Whitehouse. David Scharfenberg of the Providence Phoenix asks, reasonably, how was that done, given there was no exit polling in RI in this cycle.
[8:15] Now with “51% in”, NBC has Romney ahead of Obama 51-49.
[8:12] Reliable sources say the Associated Press has called Rhode Island for Obama.
[8:06] Meanwhile, in Florida with about 41% of the vote in (NBC News), Barack Obama is leading Mitt Romney 51-49. There aren’t many likely paths to a Romney victory, without Florida.
[8:01] The Providence Journal Twitter feed is reporting that at least one place in South Providence may stay open to accommodate a long line of people who haven’t yet voted.
[8:00] It’s official poll closing time in Rhode Island,but…

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