The Philosophy of Noose Tightening

Providence Journal opinion columnist M.J. Anderson offers a fascinatingly candid look at the thought processes of those whose preference for expressing concern for people is through government programs, and at how it ultimately makes a cheap trinket of freedom.
The bulk of her column describes the terrible dynamic of ObamaCare that is leading employers to shift their emphasis toward part-time workers so as to avoid the choice that the federal government has given them: pay for expensive health plans or pay a penalty. ObamaCare sets a threshold of 50 employees working 30 hours or more per week before the mandate kicks in. As with minimum-wage laws, the rest is basic math and economic incentive.
Folks who share my philosophical view of the world look at this situation and see an argument against ObamaCare.
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10 years ago

“The federal Fair Labor Standards Act established a minimum wage (today a woeful $7.25 an hour)”
$7.25 is a good wage for a high school student or early college student working after school or on weekends. Not everyone is the “single mom of four” progressives cry themselves to sleep over. Prohibiting wages less than this amount is effectively just prohibiting many of these students from working and easing their family burden while getting some early work experience.

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