A Majority of RI Reps Are On-the-Record for Eliminating the Master Lever

Ken Block’s Eliminate the Master Lever in Rhode Island! website is now reporting that a majority of the members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives say they support the elimination of the straight party option (a.k.a. the “master lever”) from Rhode Island general election ballots.
The RI Senate tally still shows 10 votes in favor on the same question.

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Ken Block
10 years ago

We have not had the time this week to canvass both chambers. We will have a better idea in the Senate next week.

10 years ago

Before you get your hope up, remember the RI House twice passed E-Verify! Do we have E-Verify here in RI? Not last time I checked. Master Lever benefits incumbent Democrats across the board. Zero chance it gets eliminated.

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