Coming up in Committee: Forty Sets of Bills Scheduled to be Heard by the RI General Assembly, April 2 – April 4, Part 2

30. S0733: Places the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation in charge of funding “replacement projects” that make use of tax-credits that had been awarded to projects that were abandoned. Submitted at the request of the Governor. (S Finance; Tue, Apr 2)
29. Two agendas concerning multiple bills on insurance regulation will be heard by the House Corporations Committee on Tuesday April 2 and Wednesday April 3.
28. H5326: Defines five ways to commit the crime of residential mortgage fraud. (H Judiciary; Wed, Apr 3)
27. H5740: “All corporations doing business in the state of Rhode Island shall add back into their taxable income any amount deducted under the federal “domestic production deduction” also known as section 199 of the federal Internal Revenue Code”. (H Finance; Wed, Apr 3)
26. H5785: Increased penalties for crimes involving “criminal street gangs”. (H Judiciary; Wed, Apr 3)
25. S0695: Creates an “early offer” claims process as an alternative to the usual lawsuit process for medical injuries. (S Health & Human Services; Thu, Apr 4)
24. S0401: Establishes a program within the Department of Labor and Training for providing funds to small businesses to subsidize six months of costs of a new hire. (S Labor; Wed, Apr 3)
23. H5412 creates a tax-incentive for “for newly established businesses in the state of Rhode Island that hire and retain a minimum of two employees. H5302: reduces tax-liability based on the number of new hires made before the end of the 2015 tax-year. (H Finance; Thu, Apr 4)
22. H5545: Requires the state to pay the costs of a fiscal overseer/budget commission/receiver operating in a city or town. (H Finance; Wed, Apr 3)
21. S0776: Assesses a 15% penalty on unemployment payments received because of fraud. (S Labor; Wed, Apr 3)

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