Is It Mostly-Peaceful Season, Again?

For the past year or more, John DePetro has been deliberately striving to report Rhode Island goings on in a way that many journalists refuse to do, from an angle that many of them probably consider simply illegitimate (which says something unflattering about them). On his website, he highlights an apparent rift in RI’s Black Lives Matter crowd, as more-radical voices look to take a more-controlling hand:

The speeches were filled with hate and threats of violence towards police. Chants of ” every city and every town in Rhode Island, burn it down.” The BLM RI Providence Antifa chapter( PAC) had a very strong presence at the rally armed with knives and clubs. Original Black Lives Matter members were not allowed to speak in favor of more younger anti-police speakers and gang members.

An essay by Dennis Torres on the progressive site, UpriseRI, plays coy, but can be read as confirming that he had a gun. Steve Ahlquist has posted video of the speeches at the rally.

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