Solo on the Web, Again

If you scroll one post back on Anchor Rising, you’ll travel through time to April 2013. (Given the experience of the last year, it’s tempting to wish we could follow the Internet back there!)

That was the month we joined forces with the Ocean State Current. Back then, a post on that site referred to a team-up adventure of Spider-man and Iron Fist (“together again for the first time”) and explained:

As a matter of content, the two have had considerable overlap, but with respect to content emphasis, they differ somewhat, and organizationally, they are very distinct.  The organization part is the critical one, with the Current having a back-office structure that we hobbyists at Anchor Rising have never had the capacity to build.

Well, the adventure of saving Rhode Island is leading down multiple alleys, and the focus of the Current is changing (in a way we’ll allow that site to reveal in its own time), so we’re returning Anchor Rising to its original home and original mission.

Of course, all that time didn’t simply disappear. Over those years, we’ve learned quite a bit — about organization, about publishing, about journalism, about technology, about politics — and so we’re determined to make another go of Anchor Rising as an independent and self-sustaining site, and we’re optimistic about our odds.

But you are essential to our success, and we need your help.

First and foremost, we need your participation. Visit regularly and spread the word about the great things you find, here. We’ve implemented a robust new commenting system
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, and we welcome submissions of essays as posts of their own. (Use our contact form for pitches and inquiries.) The biggest factor in the diminution of journalistic blogs was social media, which led many to give up independence in exchange for broader access (or at least the illusion of broader access), but a long-running sense that conservatives’ reach is being throttled down has transformed into explicit evidence of censorship. It’s time to move back toward independence.

We also need financial support. Toward that end, we’re continuing the practice of offering subscriptions of $7.60 per month, which amounts to just 25¢ per day. Or, if you prefer, we’ve put out a tip jar that can take donations as low as $1.00. When you think a post was particularly well worth your time or you have a good conversation in a comment section, give the tip jar a click. The money will add up to keep us operational, and the regular encouragement of even small donations rejuvenates our motivation.

We’ll also be working on developing advertising opportunities. For the time being, if you’d like to support us by letting us support you with an ad, please send inquiries through the contact form.

For a final bit of housekeeping, we’d like to direct your attention to two distinct types of posts with which we’re starting out. At the top of our main page, you’ll see a series of cards that scroll left and right. These are Quick Reads, which are short, quick blog posts that will be posted throughout the day (although not so short that you don’t have to click on each to see the whole thing). Below that area, you’ll find more-substantial content, mainly Essays, which are longer-form original content, such as featured reporting, in-depth analysis, and op-ed-type contributions. If you prefer the classic version of a page that puts full posts of all types in one reverse-chronological stream, then you’ll want to bookmark or click over to our Blog Style page.

Thank you for giving us a chance to re-earn your readership. We sense a big opportunity and an underserved market, in Rhode Island, and we’re excited to see where this all goes. Recent experience suggests that Rhode Island’s anchor isn’t just disproportionately heavy, but snagged on something deep down under the water’s surface. Independent thought along with the redevelopment of our community, and the action that will flow naturally from that combination, can dislodge us from this perilous predicament.

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