The media’s trick is to make the persecution of the opposition seem ordinary.

Even as evidence of Biden corruption is ignored as if it’s non-news, we’re seeing stories like this, by Solange Reynder for Newsmax:

Rudy Giuliani says half of the documents the ”unethical, corrupt” Justice Department seized Thursday in a federal raid of his Manhattan home and office involve his representation of former President Donald Trump.

”When I was a prosecutor, when we used to obey the Constitution, you would never do this,” Giuliani said Friday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s ”Greg Kelly Reports.” “‘In 2019, they invaded my iCloud account and took every record out for nine months. Those were the nine months I represented Donald Trump.

“I’ve never heard of something blatantly violating the attorney-client privilege that way. Basically, what they did is they took all my documents from the iCloud, they admitted there was attorney-client privilege information there and they decided on their own what they would use and what they wouldn’t use.

“First of all, it meant they read all of it, including secret communications between a lawyer and client. Then they decided if they were privileged. If they did this to an ordinary citizen, they would be fired, disbarred and thrown in jail. I’m tired of Donald Trump having no rights in America. Apparently, the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to Donald Trump.”

This is the “special case” approach to the camel’s nose in the tent.  The Democrats and the media have spent years in overdrive insisting again and again that Donald Trump was a unique threat to our system, so people see this as a loophole in the law for one person.  Giuliani is right that this is not how the rule of law is supposed to work, but people are wrong to think this will be limited.

What makes Trump unique is that (1) he succeeded in pushing back against the establishment in a way they didn’t think possible, and (2) he and those around him are prominent enough that this treatment of them can break into the news somewhat.

Nobody should count on those two points truly being limiting or somehow protective of the rest of our rights.


Featured image by Devin Kaselnak.

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Nancy Driggs
Nancy Driggs
6 months ago

Justin, Giuliano also offered them the Hunter Biden emails he had, and they were not interested in those, although, as I understand, per the terms of the subpoena these Hunter transcripts were authorized to be taken. Definitely a one-sided partisan focus, and violative of attorney/client privilege.

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