TCI is another area where our politicians are happy to be extremists to the detriment of Rhode Islanders.

Last week, an Australian news source noted how extreme Rhode Island politicians are when it comes to imposing mandates on companies that serve our elderly parents and grandparents.  Connecticut just put a big ol’ circle around another area in which Ocean State politicians are extremists without concern for the average resident, as Douglas Hook reports for Mass Live:

Connecticut became the latest state to pause on the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) agreement that had hopes to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector. Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, who called the TCI “a win for all of us,” saw the program dropped from the state budget negotiations on Friday.

With Connecticut pausing on the agreement due to not being able to gather the needed legislative approval, just Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. are left.

As gas prices rise anyway thanks to the Biden administration, isn’t it thrilling our former governor (now Biden commerce secretary), Gina Raimondo, set us up to pay a gas tax imposed by a regional group?

Hopefully replacement Governor Dan McKee will take this development as an opportunity to do what he surely knows is right in his heart as somebody with business experience in the energy industry.


Featured image by Gabriel Cote on Unsplash.

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