Billionaires’ toys are an encouraging advance, not a travesty of privilege.

In a time of cultivated resentment (and leaving as a separate question whether something in our system is unjustly permitting individuals to collect monopolistic billions), we should take this as a leading edge toward the future:

Two billionaires are putting everything on the line this month to ride their own rockets into space.

It’s intended to be a flashy confidence boost for customers seeking their own short joyrides.

Even as a sort of amusement park attraction, this we can expect competition to bring the price down so that it is available to many more people.  Importantly, though, that quest will almost certainly generate development of new technologies, while easy access to space will open up new opportunities.

Again, this may not justify a system that funnels so many billions of dollars into so few hands, but the robber baron space race of itself is a good thing.


Featured image by SpaceX on Unsplash.

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