Progressives don’t want more information about the weapons used in crimes.

Anita Baffoni reports for WPRI on the decision of Democrat Governor Dan McKee to take the middle path between vetoing a bill and signing it — allowing it to become law without his signature — on a bill that modifies what must be reported when guns are used in crimes.  Most notably, the bill, which is now law, says:

For each report beginning with the report due March 31, 2023, the reports shall show whether the firearm or firearms at issue in each case was a rifle, semi-automatic rifle, shotgun, revolver, semi-automatic handgun, or miscellaneous firearm.

Here’s the interesting part of Baffoni’s article (emphasis added):

McKee said he was advised not to sign the bill and to just let it become law. The bill has support from both Democrats and Republicans, as well as gun-rights advocates, but was opposed by progressives on the House Judiciary Committee.

So, the progressives oppose the public’s having more information about guns and crime.  One might suggest that they rely on the lie for their propaganda.

Unfortunately, the other interesting tidbit of information we can glean from this minor story is that the reason McKee didn’t sign the bill was progressive opposition.  How many other ways is the moderate McKee bending so as not to upset progressives before the Democrat primary for his seat?


Featured image by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash.

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