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News across Rhode Island — related to state and local government, the news media, social developments, and more — has a consistent underlying theme:  Our state has taken a bad turn, and those striving to correct it are struggling to gain a foothold.

We can save the Ocean State!  People still have their consciences and common sense.  Humanity can still tell right from wrong.

The silver lining of clouds as dark as those that hover over the forces of freedom and civil rights in Rhode Island is that every little flash of light is amplified in the difference it can make.  The difference between a unified mob shouting, “Go!,” and a crowd in which one person stands up to say, “Hold on.,” can change the world.

That’s a difference Anchor Rising can make, but we need your help, and the silver lining applies to you, too.

Every donation is worth many times its cost as encouragement to keep going.  It won’t take much to make expanded research and reporting possible.  Then, it won’t take much more than that to begin bringing more hands on deck.  As we grow, political insiders will find it harder and harder to brush us off.

The Internet is still an open field in which it is possible for us to be heard.  As we speak, others will be encouraged to do the same.  We can change the fate of our state!

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Featured image by Casey Horner on Unsplash.

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Show your support for Anchor Rising with a 25-cent-per-day subscription.