Highlander’s progress from special needs instruction to promoting critical race theory is instructive.

That’s the subject of my latest article for Accuracy in Media.

The Highlander Institute’s radicalism can be seen in a review of its Twitter stream. For example, the organization provided the only retweet for a tweet by Dinah Becton-Consuegra of the Kapor Center in Oakland, California, which says:

“We are a country founded on racist ideas, policies and practices and yet white people don’t want us to talk about this in school now. And there’s a movement happening across the country and we are just watching all the chips fall.”

The Highlander Institute was not always dedicated to setting up those chips — at least not obviously.

It’s fascinating to trace how the billionaire money flows in and the network now promoting social justice wokism develops, with plenty of help from federal, state, and local governments.

If you’ve wondered where this CRT stuff came from all of a sudden and why the insiders of our education system seems so intent on keeping it going, this is your answer.  There’s an entire network in place, and CRT is just another step along a progression that began in earnest during the Obama years.

It’s not only ideological.  The consultants whom school departments have brought in to train teachers and design their systems are all pushing this garbage as if it’s necessary, obvious, and beneficial — not just the raw racism that it clearly is.


Featured image by Cleyton Ewerton on Unsplash.

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Rhett Hardwick
Rhett Hardwick
1 year ago

Why do I suspect there is a “raise” instore for teachers who have completed CRT training?

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