Investigating critical race theory in schools is like tugging on a thread into a murky cave.

Nicole Solas has been going through the results of her famous APRA requests and posting choice bits on social media.  Yesterday, for example, she posted a description of “readiness courses” offered by the state to help students make up for COVID-shutdown learning losses.  Here’s the key part of the description:

The Readiness courses use student-centered pedagogy, real world examples, and discussions of race and identity to strengthen key math and reading skills students need to be successful in high school or college.  They are taught as an elective by one of the teachers at your school, who receives curriculum, professional development, and ongoing coaching from our curriculum partner WestEd.

Race and identity to help teach math?

One has to spend some time mimicking Nicole’s investigation to appreciate how depressing and terrifying an exercise it can be.  I went in search of more-detailed descriptions of these courses and — amazingly — came up pretty empty.  A page for the state’s relevant website, Prepare Rhode Island,  has buttons for more information on these three courses, but clicking on them brings up an error message: “This link has been removed.”

Some of the buzzwords are there though: “Student-centered curriculum with embedded social-emotional learning.”  It’s the “embedded social-emotional learning” that slips in the CRT.

Keep digging.

First stop is the page for the “All Course Network,” which is a catalogue of courses Rhode Island school children can take with no tuition.  The “readiness” courses are here, although they don’t mention the “social-emotional learning” aspect.  The other courses range from basketball to solid academics, but also include more than the appropriate share of identity politics courses, as well as “eco warriors” field trips and “the Queer Umbrella,” which focuses on “providing equitable access in the areas of food justice, environmental justice, racial equity, queer education and rights, and any other relevant current topics.”

The second stop is the website of WestEd, which assisted with the courses.  On a page describing the company’s work with Rhode Island, a “reading teacher” emphasizes that he or she “loved teaching reading skills in the context of social justice thematic texts and media sources.”

As I’ve been exploring in my Accuracy in Media articles, what you see in the above is just the merest hint of the nationwide, thoroughly embedded, and lavishly funded movement dedicated to injecting the CRT, social justice ideology in everything so as to direct your children away from your beliefs.

As depressing and frightening as it is — and despite the efforts of progressives and the news media to paint us as racist kooks — we must keep digging and reporting.  You’re not the crazy one.  They are.


Featured image by Taylor Turtle on Unsplash.

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