Don’t expect much from newly awakened anti-Trumpers.

Glenn Reynolds posted on Instapundit some tweets from Meghan McCain saying she doesn’t recognize Biden as the man who “helped [her] through pain and grief.”  She worries for the near future of our country, saying, “this is just as chaotic as Trump, just in a different way.”

She can say that again.  Trump’s term in office was chaotic because the Left and media deliberately made it so.  Biden’s is chaotic because he’s so maliciously incompetent that even the Left and media can’t make it seem otherwise.

Reynolds asks, “now that so many Biden supporters are realizing the magnitude of their mistake, what will they do to make things right?”

Maybe my opinion of humanity will be unexpectedly raised by events, but I expect many of them will do nothing.  At best, many of them may just stay out of the way of a fix and not make the same mistakes again.

The key point, here, is that leaves the rest of us to actually provide the fix.

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