It’s difficult to see what would turn Biden’s approval slide around.

Approval of Biden has crashed across multiple polls, as Nick Arama reports on RedState:

On top of that, the latest Rasmussen numbers found that 52% want Biden to resign over the disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal, while 39% disagree. But that wasn’t all.

An even bigger number agreed with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that Biden deserved to be impeached. 60% agreed with Graham’s statement that Biden should be impeached, with 37% saying no, according to Newsmax.

Given that 58% of voters think Kamala Harris is “unqualified to be president” (and 47% thinking she’s not at all qualified), one has to wonder what portion of the 39% who don’t think he should resign are only saying that they think Harris would be worse.

Note that the administration’s response so far has been defiance and dishonesty, rather than an attempt to make amends.  Perhaps the reason is because its handlers have concluded they can’t pull off anything that requires even minimal transparency and competence.

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