The U.S. Catholic Bishops can’t possibly deny the fact that Biden has excommunicated himself.

Seriously, at the level of clarity that Matt Hadro describes for the Catholic News Agency, any denial only compounds the scandal (see also Tim Pearce in the Daily Wire):

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a “whole-of-government” response to “ensure” abortion access in Texas, after the state’s pro-life law went into effect on Wednesday.

In a Thursday statement, the president – a Catholic – directed his administration to examine “what steps the Federal Government can take to ensure that women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions.”

We should certainly count it among the tragedies of the Biden administration that he’s doing such harm to his own soul so late in his life, but the objective has to be to limit further damage to others.  If this can be rationalized, then anything can, and the religion is gutted.

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