McKee jumped out of the municipal frying pan and into the 38 Studios fire.

This blows my mind.  As his former chief of staff, Anthony Silva falls issues a series of retirements, resignations, and property donations in an effort to put an influence-peddling scandal behind himself, Democrat Governor Dan McKee goes and fills his position with somebody who carries the stain of the 38 Studios scandal:

On Tuesday, McKee said the public record would reveal no wrongdoing by Silva’s replacement, Antonio Afonso Jr., when it comes to 38 Studios, which remains a sore point in Rhode Island 11 years after the state provided a $75-million loan guarantee for former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s ill-fated video game venture. …

In 2014, Afonso and his former law firm, Moses Afonso Ryan, reached a settlement with the state in a lawsuit stemming from the 38 Studios fiasco. The company agreed to pay $4.37 million from the law firm’s insurance policy to settle their part in the litigation.

Maybe McKee’s right, but seriously:  Is there such a paucity of qualified people who aren’t touched by scandal in Rhode Island that the governor has to ask the public to “go to the public record” on day 1 of the appointment?

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