When seconds count…

Add this to the list of progressive policies’ harmful effects:

According to The Oregonian, people dialing 911 are often left waiting over two minutes for their call to be answered, far longer than the national standard of 15 to 20 seconds.

People calling 911 to report a Sept. 4 shootout at a Pearl District restaurant and other emergencies in the following half-hour waited an average of more than 7.5 minutes before a dispatcher answered, The Oregonian reported, adding that this was just “the latest example of serious problems plaguing the city’s emergency dispatch system.”

More chaos and violence (cough… Antifa… cough) is producing more calls at the same time the ideological sources of that chaos demand less policing, which is also inspiring people to leave law enforcement.

Somehow, this feels related to the New York hospital system closing its maternity unit because it’s losing staff over its vaccine mandate.

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