Reality’s scriptwriter has it out for the Democrats.

Just a few days ago, we were seeing headlines like, “Former USA National Team Gymnasts Testify Against the FBI Over Botched Larry Nassar Investigation.”

Today the news is that “the FBI is investigating a group of male Afghan refugees after they assaulted a female U.S. soldier in New Mexico.”

Notice how all the threads are coming together?  The current occupant of the White House is infamous for being handsy and… umm… nosy with women and girls.  As Commander in Chief, he badly botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan (as his military was busy proclaiming the importance of reading “anti-racist” tracts and rooting out right-wing extremism from its ranks), adding another tranche to his investment in the future of undocumented immigrants.

Now the incompetent FBI that spent four years playing politics to put a Democrat in office is investigating Afghan refugees’ assault of a female soldier days after being outed as untrustworthy on such matters.

If you don’t see the intended moral of the story, it’s only because our unionized education system long-since ceased teaching how to spot them when they don’t favor progressives.

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