Extending the Holocaust analogy provides a helpful framework for survival.

Related to the controversy in North Smithfield over analogizing between mask mandates and the Holocaust, well-known conservative and Jewish writer Dennis Prager’s latest column is titled, “Who Would Hide a Jew If Nazis Took Over America?“:

So, then, here are two questions for American Jews to ponder:

If a Nazi-like doctrine took over America, and you could knock on the door of someone who obeyed all government orders regarding masks, regardless of their rationality, or someone who questioned government authority and obeyed few or none of its mask orders—on whose door would you knock? If you were given the choice between knocking on the door of an atheist professor and the door of an Evangelical pastor or a Catholic priest—on whose door would knock?

Two key points: 1. Most people will fail hard moral tests, but those who emphasize morality (e.g., priests) will be more likely not to, and 2. The kind of people who’ll fight against oppression are by definition going to be eccentrics.

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