The State of Rhode Island Comes for Dr. Skoly

It didn’t take long for the state Department of Health to pounce with both feet on the resistant Dr. Stephen Skoly.  The following is from a copy of the compliance order issued to him today, according to a source:

5. On October 1, 2021, the Providence Journal reported that Respondent stated that (a) he was not vaccinated, (b) did not meet the medical exemption incorporated in the regulation, and that he intended to directly engage in patient care or activity in which he or others would potentially be exposed to infectious agents that can be transmitted from person to person.

6. On October 1, 2021, Respondent made various public statements, including statements published in video recordings, indicating that he had engaged in the activity set forth in the previous paragraph.

7. The facts set forth above constitute reasonable grounds to believe that Respondent is in violation of 216-RICR-20-15-8 and subject to disciplinary action pursuant to 216-RICR-40-05-2.15.1 (A) (24).

The regulation cited for disciplinary action refers to Rhode Island General Law 23-1-25, which states that violation of a compliance order can, upon conviction, result in a fine of $300 or imprisonment of 90 days for each day of failure to comply.

Presumably a judge will have the final say, but the Department of Health appears to be looking to make an example of Dr. Skoly, leaving him a choice of how many days’ exposure he wants to risk.


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