The unstable double standard won’t hold.

After presenting an alternative reality in which pro-lifers spoke in the manner of climate-change alarmists, Grayson Quay writes:

Our progressive elites have no qualms about advancing their agenda through extralegal means. For them, illegal immigration, anti-police rioting, and even light eco-terrorism are all examples of what John Lewis would call ‘good trouble.’ If legal maneuverings won’t get them what they want, the mob will. Like Machiavelli’s ideal Prince, they’re equally adept as fox and lion.

“The only real difference” between the sides, he writes, “is that one movement reflects an officially sanctioned ideology and the other does not.”

This state of affairs can’t last.  Either those who get away with murder rhetorically will escalate to doing so in fact or the restraint of their opposition will fall away.

All you moderates who think people like Dr. Skoly need to turn your calls for moderation toward the actual aggressors.

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