Mendes’s problem is that she wasn’t pro-selling-baby-parts?

Providence Journal reporter Katherine Gregg has posted one of the social-media shares from state senator and Rhode Island Political Cooperative candidate for Lieutenant Governor Cynthia Mendes that has gotten her in trouble with her fellow progressives.  All she did was share a post from somebody else linking to one of the famous undercover videos of Planned Parenthood employees “haggling over baby parts prices” and “changing abortion methods” for the purpose of extracting them.

Gregg’s post prompted National Education Association of Rhode Island communications officer Stephanie DeSilva Mandeville to opine:

It is not unfair to inquire about a candidate’s political evolution especially one so recent. In 2015, we were on the precipice of a tumultous presidential election and choice was under attack.

In addition to proving that teachers unions are really just progressive activist organizations that provide labor services as a fundraising source, Mandeville illustrates that Rhode Island progressives are so radical that they demand uniformity even on the extremity of cutting up unborn children to make a financial profit from their bodily organs.

Mendes has said that her opinion has “evolved,” but one must ask:  How is it “evolving” to move toward support of this practice?

Not to be left out of the discussion, two-time Ivy League progressive Aaron Regunberg complained that:

… the Coop has been smearing longtime choice champs for a symbolic procedural vote, and that’s disingenuous AF from someone who shared propaganda attacking Planned Parenthood for “sell[ing] baby parts” as recently as 2015/16.

So what’s his position, here?  Does Regunberg acknowledge that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts or not?  If so, then that’s outrageous.  If not, then at worst one could fault Mendes for being misled by a headline, but not breaking from progressive orthodoxy.

The implication from Regunberg, Mandeville, and their fellow progressives appears to be that it’s disqualifying only to be pro-choice up to the point of tolerating the harvesting of organs.  They either don’t mind the abhorrent practice or Planned Parenthood is such an important part of their coalition that they’re willing to look the other way while it’s done.

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