Officials should factor in their own incompetence before imposing things like vaccine mandates.

Katherine Gregg frames her story about state health facilities’ challenges getting by without unvaccinated employees for the Providence Journal in terms of the government’s incompetence at replacing them:

Despite promises made to the state Department of Health to bring in replacements for unvaccinated staff, neither the state-run Eleanor Slater Hospital nor the Veterans Home has done so. …

When the original deadline took effect on Oct. 1, many unvaccinated health-care workers got a 30-day grace period from the Health Department to allow hospitals and other facilities to make alternate staffing arrangements.

It appears the majority of the state’s unvaccinated health-care workers from Oct. 1 were still working at Slater hospital and the state-run nursing home for veterans as recently as Tuesday – still unvaccinated.

The reader does not find any hint that the reporter or the officials are questioning whether the vaccine mandate was a good idea, but the inability of the state to function well under ordinary circumstances is a major indication that it shouldn’t make functioning even more difficult.

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