Always consider the complexity of any large-scale public policy, like government-funded vaccines.

Conservatives tend to emphasize reliance on the market not because it is a white patriarchal system designed to funnel money to them (which is so comical widespread belief in that proposition should be sufficient evidence that young adults are being maleducated).  Rather, the value of the market is that it is an independent mechanism to factor an inconceivable amount of information into every decision.  Witness the alternative:

African health officials and the United Nations are warning of a looming shortage of more than 2 billion syringes for mainly low- and middle-income countries around the world as the supply of COVID-19 doses rises, and routine vaccinations could be affected, too.

Governments are borrowing and printing money to take pricing information out of the calculation for COVID vaccines, which means feedback can only be received politically, which means it’s probably too late for the many people who are going to suffer the consequences.

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