People’s interests (and economic reality) have to be considered in public policy (like mandates).

Further to my observation this morning about the McKee administration’s attitude toward people who lost their jobs thanks to his vaccine mandate, I note noises nationally from federal contractors that a similar mandate may force them to end their contracts with the government.  Sundance writes:

As we have continued to point out, a federal vaccine mandate might sound like a good idea on a think tank, academic or white-paper policy level of consideration; but on a practical level, wiping out a large percentage of your most productive workforce over a vaccine mandate is unworkable, and might even end the operation of the entire business.

Even if vaccine hesitancy were completely irrational (which it is not), people setting policy have to estimate it and factor it into their calculations.  Unfortunately, we only rarely get even that second-order-level of analysis with the politically driven decisions that now have so much effect on our lives… let alone third- and fourth-level analysis (and beyond) about the effects of effects.

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Helen Sheehan
Helen Sheehan
7 months ago

The analysis of the situation seems right on the money.

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