How can any organization not be free to take beliefs into account when hiring senior management?

Some news stories, even ones where “my side” wins, so to speak, gives me a how-did-we-get-to-this-place headache.  The somewhat autonomous British island of Guernsey nearly passed an anti-discrimination law that would have forced all organizations, including Catholic schools, to ignore their belief systems when hiring employees, even in leadership positions.  Even local Protestants spoke up on behalf of the Catholics:

“We simply urge you, and your fellow deputies, to recognise that, for the Roman Catholic Church, it is essential that the exception is extended ‘to allow religion or belief to be taken into account in the recruitment to senior leadership positions in religious schools’,” said [Protestant leaders] Barker and Stringer.

Every organization must be free to do this, otherwise you effectively have a government religion, and the government is effectively telling you what fundamental purpose your organization must serve.  How is this not obvious to everybody?

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