For young children the risk of the vaccines could in fact be higher than for COVID.

Not that long ago, the expectation was that older folks would take on additional risk in order to reduce the risks to children.  As with much else, this principle appears to have inverted with COVID.  Thus, I’ve got to say that I’m pretty much on the same page as Paul Alexander:

Why vaccinate our children for this mild and typically non-consequential virus when they bring protective innate immunity towards SARS-VoV-2, other coronaviruses, and other respiratory viruses? Why push to vaccinate our children who may well be immune due to prior exposure (asymptomatic or mild illness) and cross-reactivity/cross-protection from other coronavirus (common colds)?

Many children are likely COVID-recovered and as such are immune, so why not consider assessing their immune status? Between their young age and robust innate immunity and this possibility of being COVID-recovered, it should be hands-off regarding the vaccine.

“Follow the science” has been a catch phrase, not an applied principle from the beginning.  The people who most tend to proclaim it really don’t behave as if they believe in it.

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