Other countries respect science enough to recognize acquired immunity.

Germany, for example:

Since the beginning of July in Germany, where that family lives, if you can demonstrate proof of being COVID-recovered and then have a subsequent negative COVID test, you are considered immune. For six months anyway, according to the German government.

Jennifer Margulis’s Epoch Times article goes on to describe some of the research finding that naturally acquired immunity is as good or better than vaccination immunity.

One piece of the puzzle I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere explains why some studies support skepticism of acquired immunity:  The tests that diagnose people as positive for COVID are too sensitive.  That means our case counts have been dramatically inflated with people who were never actually infected and should not, therefore, be expected to be immune.  (The chart at that link suggests false positives could be nearly half of all “cases.”)

This also inflates all hospitalization and death counts, because people hospitalized for other causes were counted if they falsely tested positive.

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