Anybody buying the story that gassing January 6 prisoners was a slapstick-style accident?

There really aren’t that many people in prison at the moment over the events of January 6, so when stories of their mistreatment continue to arise, it kinda raises questions, you know?

It also makes one question the explanations.  Last week, several of them had to be removed from their cells on stretchers after exposure to chemical sprays, and the story, according to Zachary Stieber of The Epoch Times, is that one inmate wouldn’t wear a mask.  As the guards attempted to subdue him with the spray, they kept missing, and the air circulation system distributed the gas into the other inmates’ cells, where they were trapped because the only person with a key had left the area.

Stories like this seem like they might justify a little more attention and might even start reinforcing the sense that the term “political prisoner” isn’t exactly without justification.

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