Believe science that propaganda images don’t tell the climate’s story.

It’s a commonplace to suggest that (in general), the Left leads with emotion while the Right leads with reason.  And obviously, images are emotional tools.  So Vijay Jayaraj provides a service by addressing three provocative images or stories used to advance climate alarmism that have proved highly misleading.  In summary:

  • Many islands have been gaining, not losing landmass.
  • The polar bear population has been steady.
  • Climate-vulnerable farmers in India are not experiencing problems from climate change.

Three isolated facts are not a disproof, of themselves, but as with so many hot, politicized topics, opinion-leaders are insisting that conclusions are obvious and decisions easy.  They’re not, although it seems pretty obvious to me that the correct answer is in the opposite direction from what the alarmists proclaim.

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